Jeffrey W. Meshel – Principal

Jeffrey Meshel is President/founder of Paradigm Capital Group and Paradigm Properties. In addition, Mr. Meshel is a founder of Divorce Force.

Paradigm Capital is a short term Real Estate lender that originates 1 to 2 year mortgages encumbering primarily commercial real estate. Paradigm loans range from $1,000,000 to $20,000,000.

Paradigm Properties is a real estate holding company that owns retail, office and multi-family properties.

Divorce Force is a web based/live community of men and women affected by divorce.

Mr. Meshel is the founder/chairman of the Strategic Forum. The Strategic Forum is an organization of business leaders from diverse backgrounds. The Strategic Forum has chapters in New York and South Florida.

Mr. Meshel serves on the Board of Signature Bank (SBNY) and is on the Board of the Federal Homeland Security Foundation.

Mr. Meshel is also a chair for Tiger 21.

Mr. Meshel is the author of “One Phone Call Away”, “Secrets of a Master Network” and “The Opportunity Magnet”.

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